Relocating your investment!

Andrews Housemovers Ltd have relocated various types of buildings for example:

  • Houses
  • Classrooms
  • Restaurants/Cafe's
  • Barns
  • 2 Storey Buildings
  • Large Sheds 60x30
  • Overdemsional Loads
  • Boats
  • Generators
  • Bridges
  • Airplanes
  • Herring Bone Design Cow Sheds

Andrews Housemovers Ltd have been relocating buildings for over 35 years round the whole of the North Island and beyond.

Some questions that maybe asked prior to a site visit or to arrange a competitive quote are:

What are the dimensions of your building? i.e. length and width (This will help determine whether the building may need to be cut to allow for transportation.

What is you site access like? i.e. are there any fences, retaining walls, trees or powerpoles. If your house is to be relocated to the rear of a section a crane maybe required. This can be determined with a site visit.

Where is the building situated? And its destination?

Have you obtained a building consent? and or a resource consent if required? (If this has not been obtained we can direct you to an independent draftsman could help you through the process.)

Do you have any plans? i.e. foundation plans, site plans.


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